About us and what we are about.

Our Beliefs

At the end of the day, we are a ministry of the United Methodist Church. Our lens for understanding faith begins with the life of Jesus. We don’t think one religion or one view has a monopoly on the truth. Our hope for everyone that winds up being a part of the spiritual side of things at Wesley is that they grow in love, compassion, and justice. Faith is complex. The universe is mysterious. Discovering the mystery and complexity is more fun with friends, so we hope you'll join us!


Who is part of Wesley?

We’re a progressive and inclusive ministry, and most of our students fall into these categories. Progressive Christians, students wanting to leave rigid churches, and spiritual seekers represent the majority of our students. But let’s be clear: you don’t have to fall into those categories to come here. The failure of both conservative and liberal Christianity is their failure to hold space for different viewpoints. In a sense, each side is equally convinced of their rightness (and that God is of course on their side) and has forgotten how to be in community with those that may have different perspectives. Can you articulate the reasons behind your opinions? And can you do so with love and graciousness? If so, you’ll fit right in.