The Wesley Community Center at the University of Colorado in Boulder will offer a workshop on producing Shakespeare’s “Troilus and Cressida” at the Wesley Community Center in September every Tuesday from the 9th through October 21. Designed for young actors with a desire to learn how to prepare, produce and stage a play, the course features gathering experience developing characters, creating props, designing costumes and directing the play.

Geared to ages 12 through 18, this course focuses on the many production tasks to get a play for a performance. scheduled for November 11. Sometimes described as an example of a Shakespeare “problem play,” . . .this tragedy was supposedly written around 1602. Others, such as noted author and scholar Joyce Carol Oates, describe it as a “most vexing and ambiguous of Shakespeare’s plays . . .”

Set during the famous Trojan War, “Troilus and Cressida” offers numerous production challenges. From period costumes and props, students will learn a bit of history along with pre-production preparation techniques.

People seeking event or performance facilities in Boulder, Colorado, often think first of Wesley Community Center. Our raised black stage is perfect for theater groups, dancers, bands and individual musicians. Other features include a beautiful wood laminate dance floor, exquisite curtains, audience risers (with seating for 100) and a professional-quality lighting and sound system.

For these reasons, Wesley Community Center has been used often by amateur and professional groups. Additionally, a number of community groups meet regularly in our facility, which also is a well-known location for voting.

When the ambiance is combined with our modest fees to rent the facility, it is easy to understand why Wesley Community Center is such a popular venue for performances of all levels and types. We are proud of our history of service to the Boulder community.

We are equally proud of our Wesley Fellowship ministry at the University of Colorado. Our ties to the United Methodist Church do not restrict entry to our fellowship. We welcome everyone from all backgrounds and orientations, who are interested in deepening their understanding of the teachings of God and Jesus.

Named after John Wesley, founder of the noted Methodist campus ministry movement, the fellowship welcomes all who want to “stretch” their mind and “feed” their faith. We offer safe harbor to challenge your beliefs, and confront ethical and moral values. Those wanting to explore Christian outreach in Boulder or contemporary, progressive Christianity in Boulder, should consider our campus ministry.