Black box theater style.
Perfect for small ensembles, recitals, or solo shows.
Full theater lighting and robust sound system.
Features a marvelous Yamaha grand piano (movable).
Wood laminate dance floor in front of stage.
Movable risers for enhanced audience viewing.
This space has been used by numerous performing arts groups over the years, ranging from choirs, bands, dance troupes, movie screenings, one person shows, educational work-shops, and full production theater troupes. From butoh dance to burlesque!
Groups that have used this space include: The Catamounts, Square Product Theater, Boulder Improv, and the Boulder International Fringe Festival.
Lots of “good juju.” Please add your layer of goodness.

Theater and Stage Specifics
Stage Type: Proscenium
Stage Dimensions: 20′x16′ (in an A-frame building)
Entrances & Exits: Onstage, behind curtains, or from the audience
Upstage Crossover: No
Flooring: Black Wood / Painted
Dimming: 4 dimmer packs
Light Console: ETC Smartfade
Total # of Lights: 10
Refocusable Lights: 2
Sound Mix / Power: Mackie 1604
Sound playback: CD, IPOD
Microphone & Stand: 3 vocal mics, multiple stands, 1 DI box
Special Attributes: Option of stained-glass background, projector
Load in (location): Just north of the intersection of Colorado and Folsom Street