Why Do Campus Ministry?

Maybe you are interested in campus ministry but would like to know more about it and what our young adult Christian fellowship group is all about. A campus ministry is a witness that is offered by extending a helping hand during a profound time in a young adult’s life where he or she realizes that it is more about paying it forward than what it is about them. Ministry is offered in a difficult time when words can’t touch the human heart for the student first away from home who finds that something inconceivable has happened in their life. Ministry may be the laughter shared after hiking or rock-climbing with students when experiencing nature — or after serving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to people who are homeless — and community shows goodness.  In other words, life brings us so many opportunities to help each other, and we really need your gifts and your uniqueness to make our ministry even better than it is today.

Like the father in this video, it is symbolic that in a short race (hopefully like a college career) there is a witness and an intensity that in times of trials will help determine not only the finish of the race but the process of how the race will be run. There is an amazing light when you know you are helping one student at a time, often times, out of poverty knowing that college degree will be the first one obtained in their family and therefore that the ministry is helping one family at a time out of poverty.

As in this video, the runner has a different relationship with the stranger than with the parent. The parent knew what to do and knew to help but not carry the runner across the line. This is what campus ministry does when done well: we help but do not enable, we give witness and help each student that we can give witness to, but the finish line is the student’s goal. The church can be the crowd in this video who responded to the injury or it can choose to do campus ministry in respond to the runner’s heart. There is much to discover in Christian ministry, and whether you are a student, parent, relative or friend we invite your inquiries and thank you for your caring and assistance.

Perhaps you are not a student but a parent or friend and would like to find a way to assist us in our ministry efforts. At Wesley Foundation serving CU- Boulder (and other schools too!) we give witness to the runner’s heart. Please give. Give a financial gift that will continue being a gift to others, to the world. Be a witness to campus ministry and give to the runner’s heart!

Thank you and God Bless!

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