A community service project for C.U.-Boulder & Naropa University students. Held every Saturday of each month of the Fall and Spring Semesters at 1:00 pm. Meets at CU’s Wesley Chapel. We prepare sandwiches, raisins, carrots, etc. and then walk down to the Boulder Creek to serve many of our community’s “visible” homeless persons. While this is sponsored by Wesley Fellowship (a progressive, LGBTQ-friendly, Christian campus ministry sponsored by the United Methodist Church), and while many of the people who participate in this may be motivated by their faith, this is not a “churchy” thing. It’s open to people of all, or no, faith/religious backgrounds. It’s for people who give a damn and want to roll up their sleeves to make a difference.

No preaching. No converting. Just peanut-butter N’ lovin’.

1290 Folsom St., across from Folsom Field, at the corner of University Heights Ave. Right on the Hop bus line.

p.s. This isn’t a “Fast Food” or “Drive-by” project. The intention is this to be 50% feeding hungry folks, and 50% sharing love with them. That 2nd aspect is very important. People who are down and out need social interaction and to be “seen” and heard by others as much, or more, as they need food. They need a sense that they matter and that people find them to be worth their time to visit with and learn about.

p.p.s. “Our challenge as Christians is not to try to convert people around us to our way of belief but to love them, to be ourselves living incarnations of what we believe, to live what we believe and to love what we believe.” ~Fr. John Main

p.p.p.s If you’d like to donate to this ministry to help underwrite the costs of providing the food, click on the yellow “Donate Here” button at the lower right of this webpage: http://www.wesleyf.org/

Finally… We follow the C.U. academic schedule, We’re on break when CU is on break. No program over the summer months.