┬áMosaic Gospel Choir – Wesley Fellowship

Meets at Wesley Center in Boulder on Wednesdays at 7PM. Serious fun!

Founded in January of 2009 by Rev. Roger Wolsey, local funk/soul singer Chantel Mead served as our first director. Gary Grundei took over in 2010 and has been assisted by Rev. Dr. David Sharp.

The choir is called “Mosaic” because we celebrate our beautiful diversity. Many are Christian, many are not. Many have musical backgrounds, many do not. Many are students, many are not. Many are straight, some are not. What we share in common is a love of good, uplifting music and singing our hearts out!

We practice on Wednesdays at 7PM and perform twice a semester (4 concerts/year). We follow the C.U. academic schedule, We’re on break when CU is on break. No choir over the summer months.

We meet at the Wesley Center which is located at 1290 Folsom St., across from Folsom Field, at the corner of University Heights Ave. Right on the Hop bus line, plenty of bike racks, and free parking behind the chapel in the lot.

Come join the fun!!

Band Interests

Gospel, Soul, Funk, Christian, Spiritual

Artists We Also Like
Kirk Franklin, Sister Act, The Blues Brothers, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Heatherlyn, Jillian Henriques, Jodi Renee Giron, Chantel Mead, Funkiphino, 8Trac, Mojomamma, Soul School, The Mountain Goats, O Brother Where Art Thou!


About Wesley Fellowship: a ministry of Wesley Fellowship, a progressive, LGBTQ-friendly Christian campus ministry at C.U.-Boulder that is sponsored by the United Methodist Church.