Wesley Fellowship loves university students and we love you so much that we offer free yoga classes on Mondays at 6PM. But more than merely helping you manage stress, we also care about your whole life and want you to be safe and healthy sexually, emotionally, and physically.

Students & Sex

While we teach the Christian perspective that sexual intercourse within a spiritual marriage is what God primarily intends, we also teach that sex is best engaged in when there is mutual love, when there’s mutual consent, and that it’s best to avoid certain activities if you aren’t prepared for the possible consequences of sexual encounters – even with protection.

If you’re going to be sexually active, it’s best to get tested for STIs (sexually transmitted infections) between every new partner; and it’s best to use safe sex practices such as using condoms, dams, and other forms of birth control and STI prevention.

Some basics: people tend to think that “if one is good, more is better” — but that doesn’t work with condoms. If you wear more than one condom at the same time, it can cause friction and micro-tears. If one partner is taking birth control pills, it’s still a good idea to use a condom — to prevent STIs and to further reduce the chances of an unplanned pregnancy. It’s also best to use a lot of lube when you use a condom as it greatly reduces the chance of creating micro-tears.

Bottom-line: If you’ve been sexually active in the past, or currently are, you won’t be judged or shamed, and youwill be affirmed and welcomed at Wesley Fellowship at Wesley Chapel. In fact, we love you so much that we distribute some 700 condoms to the C.U. community every year. Look for one of the table tents that we provide in the food court at the UMC or look on the many bulletin boards on campus.

We’re also proud to be an overtly LGBTQI-friendly campus ministry that is open to the full diversity of all of God’s children. Most of the folks who are active with our ministry don’t consider homosexuality to be sinful, and those who do, don’t consider it any more of a sin than other things that humans do so we have a covenant to have Wesley Chapel be a Safe Space for everyone. We provide a private restroom and a gender neutral restroom so that people of all genders and orientations can feel comfortable and welcome in our facility.

Here are some very helpful links:

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of this pagewww.colorado.edu/healthcenter/cu-health-topics/sexual-health you will find links to these 4 preferred resources:

Students & Alcohol

It’s best to avoid drinking alcohol (or smoking marijuana) if you’re a young adult — as human brains are still developing until age 25. But if you do, please take into account that you are now at a higher altitude and that if you’re used to getting buzzed with 3 or 4 drinks, it’ll be only 2 or 3 drinks here Boulder — possibly only 1. Also, you should avoid drinking on an empty stomach, and you’d do well to consume a lot of water and protein while you’re drinking alcohol, and after you drink before you go to bed.

Also, it’s good to know the signs of alcohol toxicity:

Pass this information on to your friends. It could save a life.

See also: http://aod.colorado.edu/resources