Young Adult Christian Fellowship

Through Christian fellowship we build relationships that make us stronger.  We worship together, eat and play together, study and retreat together, celebrate and grieve together, & just plain ‘ol hang out together.  Our young adult Christian group gives you the opportunity to bring your ideas and beliefs and meet others from different backgrounds so you can learn, share, pray and discover in a supportive atmosphere. Planned or spur of the moment, we create the kind of experiences that will become your best memories of your university years.

Spiritual Growth

Be sure to join us on Sunday evenings for great fellowship opportunities. Spiritual Growth happens in large and small settings. Our primary focal point for the week is the gathering of the entire Wesley community on Sunday evenings.  We come together to sing and pray, ponder God’s word, and engage the faith.  We also eat good food together afterward!

In everything we do we look to God and Jesus to guide us and help us learn from each other. Weekly Centering Prayer; Communion;  Sunday night  Worship services;  Wednesday night student-led Game Nights & Bible Studies; Semester Retreats; “Soul Food” fellowship lunches; and even the Salsa lessons, free Yoga classes and other group gatherings enhance  our spiritual growth and deepen our spiritual commitments. Everyone in the group has something to share; everyone is accepted and valued. We view all Christians as fellow ministers and we rely greatly on student leadership.