CU Boulder Parking Permits

We offer week-day parking permits on a first come, first serve basis for students, faculty, staff, administration and the general public on the paved parking lot east of our facility through-out the year. Contact 303-443-3934 or to learn more.

SEMESTER PARKING – 20 Parking Spots

Description: (Monday-Friday)spacer36by9 Pricing:
Spring 2016 only $ 225.00
Summer 2016 only $ 115.00
Fall 2016 only $ 225.00
Spring, Summer and Fall 2016 $ 535.00*
(*Save $30)

Wesley Chapel - Tailgate CU Football Parking

Football/Tailgate Parking

We offer parking on a first come, first serve basis for persons interested in parking at a great, safe location that is right next to the stadium! These parking spots are in high demand so reserve your spots today!

CU FOOTBALL PARKING – 60 Parking Spots

Description: (Weekends, during home games)spacer36by9 Pricing:
Paved spots $ 400.00
Unpaved spots $ 300.00