Wesley Foundation Announces Travel & Concert/Sports/Event
Ticketing Website!

We are excited to announce the addition of a new funding program for the Wesley
Foundation. The Wesley Foundation at C.U. – Boulder now has its own travel & event
website! This is a full featured travel website private labeled with the Wesley
Foundation name and logo. You can find it at: www.wesleyftravel.com. It is very similar to
I am on the Board of the Wesley Foundation in Boulder – the United Methodist Campus
ministry at CU. Both of our daughters are participants in Wesley’s ministries –
Sundays, Wednesdays, and their various work/mission trips somewhere in the world.
Wesley Foundation finances are tight and we’re needing to be more creative (and effective)
in how we do fundraising. Rev. Roger Wolsey and the Board are announcing a unique and
easy way for you to help Wesley – by booking your future travel, concert and
sports tickets through a website which will give us a percentage of the royalties!

How it works: Each time travel is arranges through an online travel website, travel companies pay commissions for your reservation. When travel is booked on our new website, the Wesley Foundation will receive 60% of these commissions paid as royalties. This can have a huge impact on our organization’s budget!

We all have to travel during the course of the year for vacations, business, funerals, reunions, etc. and you may as well help the Wesley Foundation as you do it! Feel free to invite your friends, family, and associates to book their travel through our site too. The more people who use this service, the more our ministry can benefit from it!  Thank you!

This is an exciting program that we will make available to our supporters.

Website Features: If you are familiar with booking travel online, you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating the new website. The website functions in a similar manner to other travel websites such as Travelocity, Hotels.com, Expedia® and Orbitz®.

The prices are very similar, if not lower, than these other sites and you get to help our ministry whenever you book your travel arrangements without any extra cost to you! Some of the key features you will find on the website include:

• Air, hotel, car rental search and booking features

Also included on this website:
• Vacation Packages
• Cruise Packages
• Ordering flowers online
• Ordering Event, Concert & Sport tickets

Internal Travel: All business travel for the Wesley Foundation should be arranged through our new website. If you are arranging travel for yourself or someone else in the organization, please use the new website.

Website Address: www.wesleyftravel.com , please bookmark this URL!

Personal Travel: Just like our supporters, the website is available to you and your family to book your personal travel. Please help us increase our funding. Please use our new website whenever you travel!

Group Travel: In addition to the travel website, we also have group travel services provided to us through this program. Through this part of the service we have a group travel specialist available to arrange group travel events. This includes internal group travel as well as fundraising travel events that can be arranged for supporters. As with the website, all group travel arranged through this program will pay commissions back to the Wesley Foundation.

Group travel must comply with YTB Group Travel Guidelines.

From Pastor Kay: I recently booked a round trip flight using this service on United Airlines, and it was very similar to using Travelocity, and the fares were just as inexpensive. Our Wesley Foundation – with a student congregation – can not fund their ministries like the average church does. This is a small way to help a wonderful United Methodist campus ministry keep the light of Christ vibrant and alive at CU! I will use this every chance I get!

If you have questions about this new travel program, please call Pastor Roger at 720-352-8648.

Help us to make this exciting new program a success!
Please book all your travel, concert, & event
tickets at: www.wesleyftravel.com 

Thank you! ~ Pastor Kay Marsh, Westminster UMC


EXTRA: You can also help Wesley on an ongoing and daily way by using www.goodsearch.com as your primary internet search engine. Just go to that website and enter: Wesley Foundation CU Boulder where it says “enter name of charity you wish to support”. Then click Verify. Then enter your subject into the search engine and use it! You can place a link to goodsearch.com onto your browser’s home-page to help remind you to use this service. We get a tiny commission from each search made on this site.

* ALSO, up to 37% of every online purchase you make through Ebay, Amazon, Target, Nike, Staples, Petsmart, HP, Wallmart, Apple, Expedia, or Overstock.com is donated to the Wesley Foundation at CU – Boulder. Just go to www.goodshop.com and then click on “Shop Now.”