What’s Wesley Fellowship?

We’re an OPEN-minded, RELAXED, CASUAL but very INTENTIONAL and REVERENT progressive Christian fellowship group and campus ministry at the University of Colorado at Boulder sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Methodist  Church along with generous congregations and individuals.   We’re open to all people from any background, and any orientation, who seek to grow in their understanding and walk with God through Jesus the Christ. Our welcoming atmosphere ensures that  can explore your beliefs and topical issues in a safe environment where others are questioning, discussing and sharing their ideas, too. You don’t have to be a practicing Methodist to participate in our UMC Christian ministry. Only about half of the folks who are active with us happen to have a Methodist background. We focus upon being faithful, thoughtful, loving, open-minded, non-judgmental Christians. Our welcoming atmosphere allows you to enjoy the fellowship opportunities we offer and get closer to God through our unique setting where you can explore your beliefs.

Our name comes from John Wesley – the founder of the famed “Methodist” campus ministry movement in Christianity.

You may have been searching for progressive Christian fellowship and weren’t sure if participating with a group would be right for you. Wesley Fellowship offers YOU:

  • A place to stretch your mind and feed your faith
  • A safe place to explore beliefs and to wrestle with ethics, morality, & values
  • Freedom to be yourself and be real
  • Deeper involvement in Christian discipleship
  • Interaction with persons from other religious traditions
  • Unique Bible & topical studies
  • Challenges to injustice and bias
  • Reverent & Playful Worship; Deep & Supportive Fellowship
  • Enhancement of personal prayer and devotional life
  • Putting faith into action through community service
  • Leadership development
  • Opportunities to ponder careers, vocations, & your place in the world
  • Awesome new friends
  • Lots of FUN!

Come visit us soon and discover how our young adult Christian ministry can enhance your spiritual life. Our ministry is always open to new members and we welcome your unique insights. Make new friends and enjoy support and friendship with Wesley Fellowship.